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Why you should book a wedding video and photography package with us

If you are a newly engaged couple and currently struggling with all the process of wedding planning, you know how time-consuming and complicated it can be. Obviously, you plan every aspect of your wedding day thoroughly to ensure everything goes smoothly without any issue.

Generally, the most important decision right after you decide your date and venue is who to hire to capture your day? And one of the not-so-obvious questions while hiring a wedding photographer or videographer is, "should you book a combined wedding video and photography package?"

In this article, I have explained the five benefits of booking wedding photography and videography in a combined package.

#1 Better Working Strategy:

One of the greatest perks of booking both videography and photography packages together is that you won't have to choose two separate companies. Combining two services in one provider makes it easier to keep everyone in the loop and more manageable than two separate photo and video teams.

Another benefit of a combined package is that you will likely get a team of professionals working together for many years who have a better working strategy and alliance with each other. This minimises the coordination effort you would have to do on your big day.

#2 Save Money:

Getting a combined package from one provider is likely to be significantly cheaper than hiring two separate vendors because most companies offer discounts for combined photography and videography packages.

This is the best way to save cost without compromising on quality. So if you purchase a combined photography and videography package, you would be able to save more money for other important wedding day details like your dream venue, decorations, dress, etc.

#3 Same Style for Shooting and Editing:

Continuity in shooting and editing style is also a major perk of booking videography and photography packages together from one company. If you book different companies, independent photographers and videographers will have their own particular shooting and editing styles. In that case, it's hard to get perfectly matched photographs and films in terms of style, look, and atmosphere.

However, choosing a combined package means better consistency and matching vibes for shooting and final edited products, which is often impossible when booking separate packages from two different companies.

#4 Shared Vision & Same Priorities:

Booking photography and videography packages separately mean letting two companies work together with different priorities to each other. Surely, both separate teams aim to deliver the best possible results for their clients, but in that struggle, they can sometimes compete or unintentionally get in each other's way for similar angles and shots. As a result, this can affect your wedding photos and videos.

Here is the big advantage of purchasing the photography and videography package combined. Understandably, photographers and videographers working together under the same company will surely have a shared vision and priorities. Above all, their shared working experience lets them document every angle of the wedding day cooperatively, not in a competitive way.

#5 One Package, One Contract, One Communication:

Most weddings involve a long list of vendors, and it can be tiresome to communicate with each one separately. That's why it is always beneficial to go for one combined photography and videography package because one combined package means one company to communicate with, one crew to deal with, and one contract to read and sign.

Instead of dealing with each of them separately, everything seems much simpler and more manageable in the combined wedding photography and videography package. Also, by picking one combined package, you can save a lot of your precious time to deal with other fun and exciting things you have going on.