2020 The Year of Live Streaming


So 2020 has become the year of micro weddings, but these weddings are being seen live all around the world. We have now live streamed 15 events in London, Surrey and Kent. All with viewers all around the globe.

Live Broadcast Standard Wedding Live Stream

We live stream to the same quality as live broadcasting any event. We use multiple broadcast quality cameras, some are remote controlled and the main camera is operated. We then make sure the sound is just as high in quality by placing microphones in all the places were sound needs to be heard. We then live mix all the cameras and sound levels together with external graphics to deliver a fully immersive experience to all the virtual wedding guests, this means they truly feel part of the day.

Why we believe YouTube is the way to stream

Using YouTube enables a unrivalled Live Chat platform for all the wedding guests to interact and leave comments the moment things happen on screen. YouTube also enables a reliable high quality stream with no issues with the number of people watching live.

YouTube also enables streams to be scheduled, reminders to be sent and us to interact live with any delays or help live with any issues people may be facing. Videos can be made Public (easy to find). Unlisted (direct link to be sent to guests) or private (only certain YouTube account holders are allowed to access the live stream).

Belen and Maxim

Belen and Maxim recently married at Warwick Street in London. We managed to find a reliable 4G connection from the balcony and a suitable position for 3 camcorders giving a great all round view of the brides entrance into the church, vows and readings. We placed a radio microphone on the Minister, Groom and by the lectern to provide crystal clear sound of the complete ceremony.

We have found ourselves really enjoying live streaming weddings, the feeling and instant feedback from the online audience really adds a dimension to the day. Belen and Maxim had an audience of over 300 live viewers from all over the world including Belen's home country of Argentina.

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Bethany and William

Bethany and Williams Live Stream and extra films are available to view here


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