Funeral and Burial Live streaming

As we enter Lockdown number three, we reflect on how hard the past year has been for everyone involved in the wedding industry and for couples looking to get married.

Currently we are helping those who are saying goodbye to loved ones Live Stream her funeral or burial to people unable to attend in the UK and all over the world.

How we professionally live stream a funeral or burial

We have been filming events for internal and broadcast use for the past 20 years, here is how we approach live streaming a funeral service or outside burial.

Any event we film we look at being discreet and in the background, this means that we need to establish good positions for our cameras, tripods and microphones.

If it is a local church service we will attend the church before the day to establish where things are happening and to have a chat with the Pastor. We will then discuss camera positioning etc with them and take on any advice they have for us. Whilst we are there we test out the internet connection side of things, as nearly all the time we connect via our own 4g connection we will test out positioning and strength of different network providers.

For a church service we will often use 3 cameras, one camera operator and someone to mix and provide the internet stream.

We create a video thumbnail by the picture and information you provide and then place this on a webpage on our site for people around the world to view the service. The video stream itself goes through YouTube on a private link page and can only be found by people sent the direct link. We have found YouTune to be the most flexible and reliable service for people connecting around the world.

An outside burial can be harder to film and stream, this is due to power supply and weather conditions.

Often we will use one camera, and several microphones. The streaming operator will then work from a nearby car or tent with their own power supply. If you have any questions or would like to find out more contact us today.