Ways to Make Sure You say Hello to All Your Wedding Guests

Your loved ones have gathered on your nuptial to celebrate your union with your future life-mate. They've moved from near and far, cleared their schedules, spent time and energy to make sure they were in sharing on your special day.

Their presence means a lot to you, and you want to find a sweet way to let them know how much you admire all of them for being part of your big day celebrations. Here are some meaningful ways to make sure you say hello to all your wedding guests!

1 Have an Old Fashioned Receiving Line:

This is the traditional way to greet wedding guests - the most thoughtful way for weddings with a large number of guests. If you set up a receiving line for your guests just after the ceremony venue, you'll have plenty of time to personally say thank you and greet everyone who came to attend your day. You'll also get it out of the way to the reception location as guests arrive, so you can have a little more fun rather than focusing on making the rounds.

In the past, it might have seemed weird to have a "receiving line." But if you have more than 100 guests, receiving lines is an ideal way to show them how much you appreciate them for coming. Plus, having an old-fashioned receiving line is an excellent method to ensure that you don't forget to thank anybody who attended your special day!

2 Hand delivers your table wedding favors:

This is the best idea to thank every guest because gifts are always a good sign of gratitude. You can go the extra mile and give special thanks to your wedding guests with wedding favors. There are a lot of affordable and small wedding favors you can hand deliver to your guests at your reception while also exchanging some words from cheeks to cheeks.

These wedding favors can be anything from personalised mini bottles of champagne and candles to sweet treats. You can also write a note or a poem on personalised cards thanking the guests for attending your day, and you can attach them to the wedding favors and put one at every table.

3 Consider Table Walk Rounds:

Some couples are quite happy to move from one table to another during the meal itself, which offers the most prolonged opportunity to talk and greet every single person. If you opt to do this, be sure to order the caterer to put aside a plate of meals for both of you, so you don't miss out on it altogether.

Mingling has its charm, and it lets you be personal and spontaneous. However, if you've invited many people to your big day, then chances are you won't get enough time to talk with all of them individually from table to table.

If that is your case, you can also make a toast to say hello all at once. The toast can occur at any moment during the meal, but a more appropriate time is before the cake cutting or while the main course is being served.

The cocktail hour between your wedding ceremony & reception is another meaningful way to squeeze in, mingling time with all of your loved ones present there. You can even go to everyone prior to your reception and walk hand in hand with your soulmate so that you both have a chance to say hello to everyone!

Fushion Wedding Addington Palace


Fusion weddings can be great fun, bringing family's and cultures together and celebrating a marriage. Here at Mel and Anand's wedding we saw some great tips in helping a Fusion Wedding.

1) Pre Family Get Togethers

fusion wedding family

Family meals and events before the main wedding day meant there were already great friendships and relationships between the families.

They hired a wedding planner experienced in multi-cultural weddings


Mel & Anand-629

Busy Brides Wedding Planners were excellent at managing the suppliers and wedding guests. Addington Place in Surrey is a vast venue and they did a great job on managing the entire site on the day.

A Helpful Wedding Program


This helped keep everyone in the know and enabled all the guests to follow along with the ceremony.



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