Our heritage is live event broadcasting including Women of the Year and he DMC World DJ Championships.
We bring this TV level of broadcast to your wedding whilst remaining discreet throughout.

Live Stream Your Wedding with a Touch of Luxury

We focus on the quality so you get a film of luxury

Thank You Ricky and David. I am so so happy how everything worked out. A big thankyou for your wonderful live stream of my London wedding and other products and services you supplied.
Jennifer and Aidan
wedding live stream

Recent chat comment from a wedding live stream. From a large media agencies director and a CNN editor. High praise indeed!

We have had the opportunity to successfully stream many Covid impacted weddings. We have recently been streaming in London, Port Lympne, Surrey and Kent each one having their own restrictions and bespoke solutions. We are here to help you find something that will work for you. We use multiple broadcast cameras and microphones to give all your virtual guests a VIP front row seat.

- Personal page for live streaming (so guests can receive any information required)
- YouTube live chat for your guests, slideshow or pre-wedding message for guests to watch before the stream.
- High resolution re-edit after your event included in price

Our Live Stream Couples

  • All our guests said they felt like they were right there with us and it was like a movie. I've already passed your details onto a few engaged friends.
  • We were going to send you a card to say just how amazing you guys were on the day… everyone loved the filming. A million thank yous you guys were fantastic.
    Veneia and Ed
  • Thank you for everything on Saturday. It looked great! People are still watching the stream again and again.
    Simon, Lillingston Events

We are absolutely blown away by the response we have gotten about the amazing quality of your work. We have recieved a wave of praise from around the world for the quality of the live stream. You guys made our day magical!
David and Samuel
Wedding Live Stream London
If you are looking to offer a luxury live wedding streaming or a live premier to those people who are overseas or otherwise unable to attend your day give us a call on 0208 668 0018 to talk through your day and requirements with us.

We can offer this as part of our overall film package or as a standalone ceremony/speeches filming and streaming service.

This is a highly custom service, as there are many options depending on what's needed. Send us a message to discuss your requirements and we can get back to you with options and a quote.

Make it simple for your guests, by providing you with your very own page on our website that you can customise and easily share with your virtual guests. We usually stream to Youtube or Facebook for the ceremony and YouTube or connect with Zoom for your speeches (other options on request).

Ricky was amazing!!! First of all he is well experienced and you can tell that even before you actually meet him. He is very informed and he guided us well with our recent wedding and all the restrictions due to the current pandemic. Everything came out amazing and my wife and I are extremely pleased. Everyone commended us on how good thequality was. Ricky was very patient and accommodating and even he had to go to another arrangement soon after, you really couldn't tell. I could really go on, but overall Ricky is highly recommended for any occasion. Thanks again Ricky!
Professional Wedding Streaming

How Our Live Streaming Works

We will setup a live stream on our YouTube page and give you this embedded on a KEY PAGE on our website with the details and the web addresses to share before your wedding date.

The live stream will begin 5-10 minutes before the start of the ceremony to let your virtual guests arrive at the same time as those attending in person.

YouTube lets you play a trailer before your live stream is available, this is a great way to test the link is working and to show your guests a message or slideshow of photographs. Let us know what you would like to show.

You can add links to your Kudo boards or to your guest list or we also provide a service so the your virtual guests can share video and photo messages with you.

Sound . We use several microphones, so that the sound is just as clear as the image for your guest watching online and watching your film after the day.

Why we use YouTube or DaCast

We use many different live streaming services for our corporate and virtual events, however we believe YouTube wins hands down for live streaming a wedding. The main reason is it makes it easy for all your virtual guest to watch your wedding with multiple viewing options. It is easy for them to connect with and familiar to nearly everyone around the world. With YouTube you are not stuck watching it on your mobile phone or tablet, you can also easily watch live videos directly on a TV via their frequently updated App.

Another great reason is that YouTube enables us to use a backup stream which it will automatically switch to if the main stream has any issues, this is just another layer of safety for us to use when appropriate. The other main reason is YouTube's live stream quality is amazing and it will automatically give users watching the video lower quality settings if their internet speed is low.

Privacy options

When we mention YouTube people worry that everyone can see it, His is not the case! We set all videos to unlisted by default which means nobody can accidentally stumble across your wedding and only those with the link can watch it.

There is also a private option where only certain Google accounts can watch the stream, or also a public option which would make your live stream easier to find for your guests and also easier to connect with on a TV.

Do I receive a copy of my film after the wedding day?

If you have booked it as a stand alone stream package, you will receive a USB after your day with the re-edoted service in full resolution for you to keep and it will stay online for at least 1 month. Booked it as part of our larger film package you will receive the live stream on the day and your edited films as usual.

What is a Live Premier? Is it a good alternative to Live Streaming?

A Live Premier has several advantages over a live stream. A live premier is like a movie premier, we setup your premier so that after your photo session you can sit down and watch your ceremony live with the guests unable to attend your wedding day. (Or anytime you wish)
A live premier means that we can film your event or ceremony as normal, edit then upload it. Enabling us to not setup the additional equipment needed for the live stream (laptop, live mics, mixer, cables and internet connection).
It is also the alternative option when a fast enough internet connection for a live stream cannot be established.

How do we connect to the internet?

Every live stream needs a stable internet connection. It is great news if your venue can provide a dedicated (or staff) internet connection or even better ethernet connection. If this is not possible we can use a 4G connection from the best network in the area, even better we can combine both through internet bonding which provides the toughest and most reliable stream.

We also make an onsite recording of all the cameras and sound, this acts as a backup and also enables us to reedit your film in the highest quality for you after the day.

Can you use Zoom, so that we can see our virtual guests?

Zoom is a video conferencing solution instead of a video streaming service and whilst it is great for getting a group of people together to talk, it has many drawbacks when being used to show someone an event. The quality is low and the sound and picture can break up even when the internet connection is good, it is also more prone to user error with everyone watching.

We believe it is better for your virtual guests to watch your ceremony and then tune into a zoom meeting directly afterwards. We will setup a screen, camera and microphone at the back of your venue for you to then say hello to all your virtual guests just after you have been married. We believe this is the best compromise, as you get the full quality live stream of your ceremony and then get to see all your virtual guests and chat about it!

If you would really like to see your guests whilst getting married, we can setup screens at the front of your church and bring an additional member of our team to host and control the zoom call for you. You can of course then chat to them afterwards.

We Have Streamed All Over the World

China Live Stream
Some Statistics (September 2021). We have had in total over 100,000 people watch our live streams over the past 12 months from over 50 countries around the world. Including the largest numbers from the UK, China, Australia, India, South Korea, Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Unites States and Canada.

Data collected from our DaCast and Youtube analytics (Sep 2020 to Sep 2021)
Really good and very experienced and we are so pleased we booked them for our wedding. Ricky managed to overcome quite a few pandemic related hurdles and captured lots of beautiful moments which we will treasure for ever. Thank you so much, we shall be recommending you to family and friends!
Charlotte Evans
Ricky and his team delivered an amazing and professional live stream for our wedding. The entire process from enquiring about their services to receiving the final edit of our wedding film was fast, seamless and incredibly professional. Ricky also captured some incredible behind the scenes footage that made our wedding film even more amazing. We could not recommend their services more.
London Wedding Streaming

Live Wedding Streaming Cost

Add streaming to your wedding film package for only £400 (ceremony only) £600 (ceremony and speeches). (This is for a second operator/ stream controller)
Stream Only Package
Single Camera

From £450 (ceremony live streamed and on USB)
From £750 (ceremony and speeches streamed)
2 Operators Multiple Cameras (3-4)

From £650 (ceremony live streamed and on USB)
From £950 (ceremony and speeches streamed)

Add a Mini Highlights

Meet Your Virtual Guests

Add a zoom meeting at the end of the ceremony. We will setup a large screen TV and camera/mic at the back of your church for you to see and chat to your virtual guests after your ceremony.

Quote For Live Streaming

We Also Live Stream Shows, Conferences, Competitions

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