How to have a Zoom Wedding

How to have a Professional Zoom Wedding and Other Streaming Options

There are many options now to help enhance your wedding during restrictions due to Coronavirus. We recommend using a service such as Youtube or Facebook for the ceremony and Zoom for the Speeches. There are other options, for example if you just want specific people to see the ceremony direct on their phones we can FaceTime them through our laptop with professional cameras.

We are happy to work with you and talk through different ideas and options. The main advantage of using a professional for your live streaming is the use of multiple cameras and maybe more importantly professional sound. So that everyone can not only see you but hear you nice and clearly as well.

Why Youtube and Facebook?

This will allow all your guests to enjoy a live stream from multiple angles and in great quality, then after the ceremony grab you phone or laptop and start interacting with people on the chat.
The feedback from using this setup is that people really felt like they were there with the multiple angles and closeups during the ceremony. You will be concentrating on each other during the ceremony and won't have time to interact on a zoom call, seeing everyone on a screen at this point can be quite strange and distracting.

We can even play a video message before the ceremony and extras like a slideshow or photograph afterwards.

Zoom for the Speeches

On the other hand Zoom works perfectly for the speeches and even enables people to make their own speeches via the Zoom, call. Seeing everyone watching on a large screen really works well as you can spend time seeing everyones reactions whilst they can see yours. We can connect this unto the venues large screens and audio system, or work with your DJ.

Testing The Connection

Ultimately a digital wedding is just like any other and hiccups can happen, it's important to remain flexible. If your zoom call is experiencing difficulties jump onto FaceTime or Youtube and carry on from there.

When we are helping with a Digital Wedding, we set up a GOTO PAGE on our website for you to share with all your digital guests. On this page will have the links for them to watch or to join the call. If things change we can setup the new links on this page on the day. Helping everything run smoothly.

Covid 19 - Small Weddings in June

Small Weddings Back On The Agenda From June

It looks like shortly weddings will be back on the agenda. After Boris announcement yesterday, plans are underway on a staged approach to weddings. We are unsure to quite what extent but there is likely to be a strict limit on numbers being able to attend and social distancing will have to be adhered to. We have a range of ways that you can involve all your friends and family in your big day, both instantly or straight after the event. Letting them see the ceremony, speeches, highlights or all of it!

This means we have adapted the way that we work in guidance to government guidelines. We have always remained in the background of your day and for us the new measures won’t prevent us from capturing your day as normal. We can easily capture all of your day whilst remaining a safe distance away from you and your guests.

1) Wedding Streaming

Set us up a little table at the back of your ceremony room and we will be able to use our compact equipment and computer to offer an instant or quick stream of your ceremony/speeches/same day highlights (see below).

Premier Your Event

We are able to upload your wedding ceremony to the internet straight after your ceremony for you to enjoy an instant premier with an extended number of guests and interact with them via Facebook of YouTubes live chat portal.

Live Streaming -

We can also live stream your event to YouTube and Facebook or to your preferred destination (such as our website). This will be a multiple camera live stream where we can also start your ceremony off with a slideshow or film and if you desire end the ceremony with a pre recorded film of you thanking you guests etc.

Live streaming always depends on the internet options available at the venue, however most venues are able to offer a dedicated connection of a high enough speed for our devices to upload at a great quality.

2) Ultra Quick Turnaround

We have a great team of editors and we are offering a quick turnaround on all of our films at no extra cost. We are aiming to get your filmed edited and out to you within 3 weeks. In many cases it will be quicker.

3) Same Day Highlights

Just can’t wait! Then purchase our same day highlights package. We will bring an editor with us on the day to capture, edit and grade your footage and audio. They will have you highlights ready to watch as an online premier that evening (often 7-9pm). You can then watch it at the wedding and live with all your guests not able to attend. We can talk to the DJ about the options of them able to show this for you or we can arrange to bring our own screen/speaker at an extra cost.