Using DaCast to Live Stream Weddings

"Thank you so much for the video. It was absolutely fantastic and the editing was superb. Our family in Norway said they felt as if they felt as tho they were there.I can’t believe how many people were watching. How incredible! A lot of Norway family were all together at one event with a big screen so that accounted for about 20 people. I have watched it back several times and I am so grateful to have the memory and parts of the service that missed. Thank you. Xx"

There are many solutions on the market that enable you to live stream weddings to virtual guest with the most popular being YouTube and Zoom. DaCast is a great option to consider due to its channel nature, penetration into China and quality control options.
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More Control

A free streaming service takes allot of control out of your hands. Whilst this can be fantastic for ease of use and management, it does mean that when you need to perform certain tasks like password protection or control over areas and websites you can’t easily achieve these.

DaCast gives you a high level of control over who watches your content and at what quality, you are able to set locations and passwords with ease. It also reaches hard to reach areas such as China with contracts with Chinese based CDN services with multiple points of presence (PoPs) across the mainland, you gain access to 1.4 billion people behind the Great Firewall.

You also get levels of control over appearance and style and you don’t get inappropriate suggest videos at the end of your stream!

If there are issues just reconnect

Sometimes you just can’t get a reliable internet connection! We have streamed all over the place and occasionally there is nothing you can do to get a better internet connection. This is where DaCast is fantastic, you can use a free service like OBS to stream at a low quality and even if frames are dropped DaCast will play what it receives without cutting you off. YouTube requires a constant reliable stream or it will terminate the event, leaving you to start a new stream and try to let everyone know the new link!

What features would be great with DaCast

The three main features/benefits that YouTube offer that DaCast don’t are

Live Chat - You can use external devices to integrate live chat on your website, but YouTube and Zoom enable your online guests to not only watch but interact with each other or leave messages.
Compatibility and Familiarity. YouTube just works for people and they can access it on a variety of devices such as TVs with ease. You won’t get guests contacting you in a panic because they know how to watch a YouTube stream already. DaCast is fantastic at working on all devices and does just work, however it is harder to access on TVs.
Instant Replay. DaCast is a channel meaning that anything you put through it is watchable straight away as it happens, its not setup as an event that replays as soon as its finished. It would be great for DaCast to enable a feature of an instant replay of a recorded event.

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Live London Wedding Stream to China

Our Live Wedding Stream from London to China

If you have a wedding that you require streaming to hard to reach countries such as China we can help.

The wedding of Carol and Samuel was at the Undershaft Church in London, we filmed the ceremony with 3 cameras and included
8 pre-recorded sections within the live stream. Over 800 people were watching live from all over the world.

live stream to China
London WeddingChina Live WeddingLive Wedding streaming

Live Wedding streaming to China