Price of a Wedding Video

What factors are involved in the price of a wedding video?

With wedding films varying so much in price from hundreds to thousands of pounds, what is involved in the cost tins of a wedding video?

The cost of wedding videography

Cost Factor 1: Level of Production: There is a considerable difference between domestic equipment and broadcast. Whilst it is still true that an experienced cameraman with domestic equipment will get better results than an amateur with a broadcast camera! To purchase broadcast cameras and equipment costs 10,000s, so if you are after a high quality film that will last a life-time expect to pay a bit more.

Cost Factor 2: Level of Experience: The internet is great, yet it does allow part-time operators to appear the same as full-time professional companies, with customers finding it difficult to instantly tell each apart. Try to watch a variety of films, the less editing the better to enable you tell the positioning stability and camera control (lighting, focus) or the camera operator. For full-time professionals, who are not going to let you down, expect to pay more.

Remember a wedding is a live event, if an inexperienced cameraman missing anything, you won’t get another chance of getting it captured.

Cost Factor 3: The Location: Expect to pay a fair price for travel, time and any accommodation necessary. To get the right crew to your wedding location and these extra costs, should not put you off.

Cost Factor 4: Your Requirements: Wedding films range from one cameraman, to a multi camera shoot. With the use of specialist film equipment to produce a stunning film of your day. You may require someone to just capture the service itself or you may wish to see the whole day on film from getting ready until the last person leaves the dance floor. All these factors will have an impact on the cost of your film.

Cost Factor 5: Post-Production: The editing will often make or break a good film, great editors often are used to getting paid well! Bespoke menus and packaging will add considerably to the time spent, but is often worth it in the long run.

Cost Factor 6: Reputation: Prepare to pay more for companies with a good reputation.

Cost Factor 7: Deals and Offers: If you shop at the right time, you could catch a great offer. Pro Tip: Book wedding services together to get a great deal and book people who work well together.

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