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We have been recognised as one of the top wedding suppliers in the UK.

Largely due to the fantastic reviews from our wedding couples in 2020 and 2021.

Filmed and/or live streamed over 100 events

We have attended some amazing wedding days.
Reviews have included broadcast professionals who have won Emmys! As well as streaming weddings into China with over 2000 people watching live, we have filmed weddings all over London, Surrey and Kent.

It has been a very tough couple of years for the industry, yet we have some amazing memories from some great people. A BIG thank you to every wedding couple.

5 Biggest 2022 Wedding Trends

The start of a new year brings something new in the wedding industry, But one of our favourite and most exciting things that a new year brings is new trends, especially wedding trends.

With the ease of lockdown restrictions, finally, 2022 has arrived with fresh new wedding trends, and every newly engaged couple hopes this year they will be able to enjoy the wedding of their dreams like pre-Covid weddings, which was full of fun and excitement.

Now it's time to move on to the Top 5 Biggest 2022 Wedding Trends list and see what really changes this New Year?

sequel weddings 2022

#1 Sequel Weddings:

After many wedding celebrations were canceled or postponed in 2020 and 2021, this New Year will be a year of "sequel weddings." A sequel wedding is typically a two-part wedding that gives couples the flexibility to host an intimate micro-wedding or elopement on their original wedding date and have a much bigger wedding party later(At first anniversary).

During the pandemic, we can see couples were less likely to celebrate their marriage in the way they would actually want. That's why many couples went ahead with a more intimate reception and legal ceremony in 2020/21. Then, they delayed until 2022 to host a big sequel wedding with all of their loved ones. While this wedding trend has come about due to lockdown, we can see it continuing in different forms for years to come.

#2 Weekday Weddings:

Due to the number of couples who have had to cancel or postpone their wedding over the past two years and more couples who want their dream wedding to occur this year, many vendors and venues are already booked fully for every weekend in 2022. Because of this, fewer weekend dates are available, and that's why more couples are booking weekday weddings this year.

Many couples hosting their weddings on a weekday are giving themselves a good opportunity to tie the knot within this year and still have their dream wedding ceremony and reception. Yes, this may be a little unconventional and disappointing initially, but you'll definitely notice more weekday celebrations in 2022.

#3 Backyard Venues:

Yes, events were canceled or postponed in the past two years, but even the pandemic didn't stop the couple from getting engaged. Due to the vast number of weddings postponed last two years and another year of recently engaged couples looking for venues, some couples decided to get creative with their wedding venue.

This year, backyard venues are rapidly becoming a favourite choice for brides. What could be better and more memorable than having your big day celebrations in your own or even your parents', relatives' backyard?

intimate wedding trend 2022

#4 Intimate Celebrations:

The most popular trend in the wedding industry in 2021 was Couples planning intimate wedding ceremonies because of indoor/outdoor gatherings restrictions. About a year later, even so, many restrictions being lifted, this trend is still at its peak in the wedding industry. Couples are still planning to have intimate wedding celebrations, but this time for different reasons.

The more intimate gathering helps the groom and bride splurge in other details of their dream day, such as decorations, venue, lighting, food, and drink options. Also, Intimate wedding celebrations allow happy couples to invite only those who matter most to them, making their big day stress-free and more manageable. Although couples did not as readily welcome 2021 intimate weddings, this is now one of the biggest wedding trends for 2022.

sustainable bride

#5 Sustainable Choices:

In 2022, you will notice that more & more brides would prefer sustainable resources for their big day. For instance, a wedding trend within this bigger theme is the concept of renting a bridal wedding dress or bridesmaid dress instead of shopping for a new one. Expect – some of these sustainable things can be your "from something borrowed tradition" on your big day!

Another bigger theme for this trend is creating eco-friendly decorations with natural flowers or plants that guests can take home to plant after the reception. Also, reusing decorations or linens from previous weddings is becoming very common within the wedding industry.

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