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We help discerning brides who have concerns over having their day filmed achieve the relaxed fun, unobtrusive film they are after. We do this through using our vast experience and knowledge and storytelling passion. So they can have a stunning record of their day and some great natural moments to share from the best day of their lives, whilst assured that the videographer will remain in the background of their day. To see what is included in our packages view the prices page, here we show you how we go about capturing every detail of your day.
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There is no doubt that your wedding highlights will be your star film, highly watched and shared. We put allot of time and effort into crafting this to a style and creating your story.

Watch some recent examples here

We capture so much more than what goes into your highlights, filming each moment of your day in a purposed approach using our experience and knowledge. We focus in on the details of your day, as we know this is where so much of your time goes when planning.

How We Capture Your Day

Discreet and Unobtrusive
To remain unobtrusive you have to remain mainly unnoticed and blend in with the other wedding guests. This is where our experience and planning helps us. We try to find out as much information before the day as possible and then when we first arrive on the day we will ask some quick yet important questions to help us know how the day will run. Knowing exactly what’s going on and where enables us to be in position and setup before each moment happens and therefore remain unnoticed. You won’t notice a proactive videographer as much as you notice a reactive one!
Capturing The Style of Your Day
We love capturing the formal moments of your day, yet often your style and character comes from the more relaxed moments and the details that you have put so much time and effort into.

We dedicate time to capturing all the details in and around your wedding day, from the cake, photos, shoes and even the grooms socks! We often give the advice to brides that its great to bring your quirkiness to your wedding day, as your guests will love any touches that are all about you and it also looks great on film.
Bridal Preparations

We take extra time to capturing some stunning bridal details. This is a real feature of most of our films and helps start the suspense for the story of your day.

Stunning Wedding Settings and Details

We know how much time you put into choosing your venue and all the unique details that you have put into it. We are known for our detail shots and will often provide you a sneaky details extra movie on your USB.

Grandeur and Polish of a Film
Filming your day in the right way, with the perfect camera and equipment with the correct settings goes along way into producing a highly professional looking film. The way that you truly turn the footage captured into a polished movie is by spending time constructing, editing, grading and selecting the perfect sound throughout. Many cheaper video companies look to turn your film around as quickly as possible and miss all the important steps that really make all the difference to the final memories.

We love spending time creating different sequences, giving each moment the style and colour it deserves.

How we Capture Couple Shots - Slow Motion Gimbal Example

How we Capture Couple Shots - Tighter Moments Static Example

When we have 2 operators we can use a zoom lenses to capture some great moments that work well intertwined with the gimbal movement shots. You can tell us what you prefer and we can shoot accordingly on your wedding day.

How we Capture The Speeches and Reception

When we have one operator we will often use a second camera to capture some reaction either from the top table or from the room. We always ask who is making a speech to enable us to put a small recording device on them to capture clean audio. See our article on microphones we use

A Feature Film Example

(soundtrack has been replaced / but will be music of your choosing)

Magic Moments From Each Part of Your Day

  • Bride Preparations

  • Details

  • Ceremony

  • Speeches

  • Reception

  • Couple Shots

Your Wedding Filmed FAQ

Here are a select of frequently asked questions.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • How many cameras do you use?
    On our one operator packages we use two cameras for the ceremony and speeches. One is static and the other one operated. With the second camera being unmanned, we cannot guarantee somebody won’t stand in the way or knock it ! However we do let those around it know it is there.

    Do you need 2 Wedding Videographers?

    We believe a second videographer will enhance every wedding film, as the second operator has a license to be more creative. With our extra videographer option, we use 3 cameras and are able to monitor all the cameras used, guaranteeing various angles of the bug moments throughout your day.
  • How far in advance should I have book?
    It is completely up to you! We book up for weekends in the summer unto 18 months in advance, yet sometimes still have late availability for prime dates, so even if booking late its worth checking.
  • Does filming get in the way of the wedding?
    We have allot on our website about how discreet we are and we believe planning and experience is key to remaining in the background of your day. Also with the modern age, people are getting used to being filmed with mobile phones and small digital cameras and we definitely won’t be the only one taking pictures of your special day.

    Take a quick look at this video fro a bit of fun !

  • What is the difference between Documentary and Cinematic?
    These terms tend to be everywhere and unfortunately they mean different things to different companies!

    Documentary style filming is a record of your day from a certain perspective. We use this type of filming and editing to put together your feature film. This is the main film of your day and it will flow seamlessly in order of events.

    Our highlights film is your creative film (cinematic) , where we bespoke style it according to your day and your preferences. Some couples love the romantic style and want poems etc to be included, others want a fun, relaxed style with their characters shining through.

    Cinematic is best described by watching this video below

  • money
    Why are your films more expensive than others?
    We hear you! We provide wedding films for discerning clientele, who can tell the difference between our films and cheaper ones and appreciate the extra service they will receive. Whilst many of our competitors still use older HD Canon 5D cameras or smaller photo based cameras like the GH5 and A6300, we use larger 4K Sony Video Cameras with full manual controls and only use smaller cameras for B-Roll or Gimbal footage.

    We know we are not the cheapest wedding film company and we are not the most expensive either. We spend allot of time crafting our films and we also make a substantial yearly investment in cameras and equipment. We want to cover the best weddings in the UK and treat them with the same level of detail as if it was going to be watched by millions of people on the big screen, we spend on average 40 hours editing your films.

    View our article on wedding cost here
  • mic
    How do your record sound?
    We use professional sound recording equipment for the ceremony and the speeches. By informing the readers and the people making the speeches to pick up a sound recording device from us beforehand will help us, otherwise we will ensure they have a device.

    Our sound recording devices have a small microphone which attaches to the grooms jacket during the ceremony and sometimes we will also attach one to the officiant, however we never put a mic on the brides wedding dress, unlike some other film companies! The bride will be standing next to the groom and will be picked up clearly off his microphone.
  • What if you are ill and unable to attend?
    David or Ricky are yet to miss a wedding out of nearly 1000! However we have connections with lots of experienced camera operators, who have filmed weddings with us before.
  • What will happen on the wedding day itself?
    We just turn up and get on with creating you a fantastic film. We generally arrive slightly early to talk to the venue coordinator and find a discreet area for our equipment. We will then introduce ourselves to you, to let you know we have arrived. We then remain one step ahead in the background of your day recording all the natural moments in front of us.
  • refresh
    Will you require a meal?
    We do not filming during your wedding breakfast and we will use this time to recharge ourselves and equipment. Couples usually provide us a meal either from their breakfast or from the bar, however we do not make this a condition. We are more than happy to pop out for 45 minutes whilst you eat and purchase our own hot food nearby.
  • How do your require payment and when?
    We require a £250 deposit to secure your wedding date and full payment before your wedding day. We are happy to be paid by instalments.

    We accept payment by bank transfer and by debit or credit card.
  • Can we purchase the raw footage?
    Yes. We can provide a hard drive with all your RAW footage upon request for £200
  • What areas do you cover?
    We mainly cover Surrey, Kent and the South of England. We are based both in Kent and Surrey , yet we also have team members is South London, and Sussex.
    We will consider all areas of the country. Please enquire even if you live outside the designated areas. We may charge a small travel fee but this will be included in your quote.
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    A 10% discount will often be given to any weddings in Jan, Feb, March weddings, however this is often dependant on how busy we are! Other offers and discounts vary throughout the year, please ask or check the website for more information.
  • Do you offer any package prices?
    We offer a substantial discount when booking our films and photography service together. We love working together as a team, as we get to work in harmony and add to each others service.

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