Drone Wedding Video

We have licensed wedding drone operators for those stunning venue shots that really start your film in style!

We saw the potential of aerial videography back in 2011 and this is when we invested in our first construct it yourself drone! Aerial videography has certainly come along way in the last 10 years and we now have aerial filming solutions for every budget and event.

We will only used fully insured CAA registered pilots and the safest drones in the market.

Other People Offer Aerial Videography Cheaper But it May Not Be Legal!

It is not an easy thing becoming a licensed drone operator and takes many months on flight time and studying. We use some of the very best aerial videography pilots around, with full CAA licenses obtained to fly at your venue and flown by qualified pilots. The quality of our aerial footage is truly stunning and we use the same drones that are used in TV and Film.

You truly will get some breathtaking shots.

Want that Wow to Your Wedding Film - After The Very Best?

Want to add that wow to your film then ask about adding our drone option. We will bring in a drone operator for the time required and prices start from only £325. This enable us to capture shots from a completely different angle, with drones only usually available to Hollywood films or high-end productions.

How it Works

When you decide to opt for our pro film aerial footage option, we have to obtain a permission to fly at your venue, we will then visit your venue to pre-plan a shot-list so we can be fully prepared for what could work on your wedding day.

If we decide on the day of your wedding that it will not be safe to film that day due to high winds, we will refund you the price of the drone. However sometimes we feel there may be a chance of filming if the rain stops etc. In this instance we will still have to charge you the price of the operator fro the day. ( at a reduced rate)

Pro Film Drone Price

Included in Our 2nd Camera Package

drone wedding video