Wedding streaming

Live Stream or Live Premier Your Wedding

Offer live wedding streaming or a live premier to those people who are overseas or otherwise unable to attend your day.

We can offer this as part of our overall film package or as a standalone ceremony filming and streaming service.

This is a highly custom service, as there are many options depending on what's needed. Send us a message to discuss your requirements and we can get back to you with options and a quote.

We usually stream to Youtube or Facebook for the ceremony and connect with Zoom for your speeches (other options on request).

How Our Streaming Works.

We will setup a live stream on our YouTube or Facebook page and give you a KEY PAGE on our website with the details and the web addresses to share before your wedding date. 5-10 minutes before the start of the ceremony the live stream will begin to let your guest feel like part of the build up and know they are in the right place.

Sound . We use several microphones, so that the sound is just as clear as the image for your guest watching online and watching your film after the day.

We offer different options from 1 to multiple camera productions, so talk to a member of our team today.

If you have booked it as a stand alone stream package, you will receive a USB after your day with the footage on it for you to keep and it will stay online for at least 1 month. Booked it as part of our larger film package you will receive the live stream on the day and your edited films as usual.

All we need from you is to mention to the wedding venue that the event will be streamed and we will require a reliable and fast a possible connection on the day. (They might be able to setup a separate login for that purpose, as a guest login is often slower than a dedicated connection or staff wifi). We will bring our own 4G connection if necessary.

What is a Live Premie

A Live Premier has several advantages over a live stream. A live premier is like a movie premier, we setup your premier so that after your photo session you can sit down and watch your ceremony live with the guests unable to attend your wedding day. (Or anytime you wish)
A live premier means that we can film your event or ceremony as normal, edit then upload it. Enabling us to not setup the additional equipment needed for the live stream (laptop, live mics, mixer, cables and internet connection)/

How Do We Connect?

Every live stream needs a stable internet connection. It is great news if your venue can provide a dedicated (or staff) internet connection or even better ethernet connection. If this is not possible we can use a 4G connection, even better we can combine both through internet bonding which provides the toughest and most reliable stream.

Wedding Streaming Price

Add streaming to our Highlights Only package or Full Package for only £300 (ceremony only) £450 (ceremony and speeches). (This is for a second operator/ stream controller)

Stream Only £450 (ceremony live streamed and on USB)
£600 (ceremony and speeches streamed)

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