Our Unique Blend of Wedding Expertise and Style

There is no doubt that your wedding highlights will be your star film, highly watched and shared. We put allot of time and effort into crafting this to a style and creating your story.

Watch some recent examples here

We capture so much more than what goes into your highlights, filming each moment of your day in a purposed approach using our experience and knowledge. We focus in on the details of your day, as we know this is where so much of your time goes when planning.

Bridal Preparations

We take extra time to capturing some stunning bridal details. This is a real feature of most of our films and helps start the suspense for the story of your day.

Amazing Moving Slow Motion

We love slow motion and use high frame rate cameras. It sets a romantic pace and in combination with steady movement, really creates film-like couple shots.

Stunning Wedding Details

We know that what makes your day special and unique is in the detail. We are known for our detail shots and will often provide you a sneaky details extra movie on your USB.

Let Us Show You Backstage and Beyond The Wedding Highlights