YouTube and Personal Website Link or Zoom Wedding?

With the new 15 guest restriction enabling your friends and family to be part of the day with a live stream is even more important.

The most popular and high quality option is to connect to YouTube as a live broadcast of your wedding. YouTube streams at amazing quality and offers reliability and is highly flexible.

YouTube also allows you to make a stream public or private and to enable or disable comments and live chat. Your friends and family can watch and use the live chat to interact or alternatively keep the link private. YouTube is great as it remains online for you to watch for 2 months and we will also send you a full resolution digital copy.

Another great alternative to to use Zoom. We can connect our professional cameras filming your day to a zoom call. This way guests can see each other and maybe even dress up to attend your day. We can record their reactions and edit this into your final film. You can also then connect your laptop or phone (as another caller) up to a screen to see all your guest with you and go uptown them after your ceremony to chat.

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Premium 4 Camera Live Stream with Professional Sound

When the space allows we can discreetly film your ceremony with multiple cameras, similar to broadcast. The only difference is we use only 1 Camera operator and 1 operator of mix and stream (back of the room)

A live stream of a church ceremony at St Boltons in London.
- 3 radio microphones (Groom, Minister, Lectern)
- 4 cameras (Front Operated, Wide, Lectern and Minister)

This option requires us to attend the rehearsal. This enables us to test the internet connection and camera placement and sound options. The setup time on the day is approximately 1-2 hours.

3 Camera Live Stream / Ambient sound

A quicker setup time and still a highly watchable production. A custom message was also streamed after the ceremony had finished.